More Tristan Thompson Videos Have People Talking

KHLOE KARDASHIAN laid the ultimate relationship smackdown on TRISTAN THOMPSON after he got caught cheating:  She got his iPhone password.

First, some background:  Back when the cheating scandal happened, KIM KARDASHIAN went after Tristan on social media . . . so he blocked her.

But on Wednesday, Kim posted a pair of videos of herself, Khloe and Tristan, where she asked Tristan if it was finally time for him to UN-block her.  It was Khloe's 33rd birthday, so I guess she was hoping for a little good will. 

He said yes.  So Kim asked for his code, and he told her that Khloe KNOWS IT.  Technically, there's no word if she made him fork it over after he got caught . . . but that seems likely.

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