Are Millennials Killing Tipping?

According to a new study, Millennials might kill TIPPING.

The study found that two-thirds of millennials tip less than 20% at restaurants.  Half of people over 38 tip at least 20%.

And 10% of millennials take it even further and usually tip ZERO.

So why aren't they tipping?  The director of the Center for Consumer Insights at Yale has a theory.

Quote, "Millennials use a lot of services that didn't have options of tipping, like shopping online.  Uber didn't have a tipping option at all until recently.  That shifted the norms toward tipping less or not tipping at all."

But the people who ran the study at have another theory.

Quote, "When you don't make a lot of money, your financial margin of error is very small, so even if you wanted to, you might not be able to financially." 

(USA Today)

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