Maren Morris Judged Over Sexy Photo

MAREN MORRIS shared a photo of herself on Instagram a few days ago, where she's wearing a sexy outfit, which reveals her legs and cleavage.

A female follower decided to JUDGE her choice to show some skin.  She commented, quote, "Don't cry foul when your asked to perform sex acts by a male . . . respect yourself and coverup!!"

Maren had a little fun with it . . . she responded, quote, "Um, I'm married to Ryan Hurd, and he doesn't need to ask."  She added the winking emoji.

But then Ryan stepped in to defend his wife . . . he commented, quote, "I don't usually respond, because Maren can handle herself, but . . . you're a woman . . . maybe even a mom . . .

"I would hope no one ever said something like that to you or maybe to your poor, poor daughter, who will probably grow up in a house that tells her that her own body is a bad thing.  Maren isn't naked.

"Leave my wife alone, and go back in the hole you crawled out of."

Maren did NOT delete the photo . . . and later added another photo where she's eating an In-N-Out burger.

She captioned it, quote, "Some turds had the cowardly gall to suggest that I deserved creepy sexual advances from men for my clothing, so I ought to cover up, and I thought it was pretty horrifying . . .

"I refuse to ever, EVER be ashamed of the body God gave me . . . I LOVE being a role model for kids and anyone who's just trying to figure out how to love themselves every day.  Screw the haters, and eat your damn cheeseburger.  #StrongNotSkinny."

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