What The Average Person Thinks God Looks Like

What do you think God looks like?

A new study at the University of North Carolina asked over 500 Christians what they think God looks like.  And the average answer is . . . a pretty basic white dude.

The best comparison we saw is to a young Brad Pitt, but some people on Twitter also think the image looks like Jimmy Fallon . . . Elon Musk . . . or Val Kilmer.

But the study found that the person that God looks like the most is . . . you.  At least in your eyes.

The researchers say, quote, "Older participants saw an older God, more attractive participants saw a more attractive God, and African Americans saw a marginally more African American God."

The only thing everyone had in common?  Everyone pictured God as being male. 


(Here's the average God face, plus young Brad Pitt and Jimmy Fallon for comparison.  Who do you see?)

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