Wendy's Hilarious Response To IHOP | 97.3 NOW

Last week, IHOP announced they were changing their name to IHOB.  It seemed like a pretty transparent attempt to get people talking . . . and we REALLY fell for it.  Social media was PACKED with guesses.

So yesterday, they announced what the "B" stands for.  And the answer is . . . "burgers."

Yes, IHOP . . . sorry, IHOB . . . already has burgers on their menu.  They have since 1958.  But they're adding seven new "Ultimate Steakburgers," and the name change was a marketing campaign to get them some attention.

Also, if this wasn't implied, the name change to "IHOB" is only temporary.

But even though the move got IHOB a lot of attention, Wendy's managed to hijack some of it yesterday with a hilarious a response!

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