"Miss America" Says It'll No Longer Judge on Looks

GRETCHEN CARLSON was recently elected chairwoman of the "Miss America" organization . . . and she's already making significant changes.

She went on "Good Morning America" yesterday, and announced that they're eliminating the 'swimsuit competition' . . . and that the pageant will no longer judge on LOOKS.

Gretchen said that she's NOT concerned that the ratings might go down . . . because the swimsuit portion did not get great ratings, and that people were actually more interested in the talent portion, which is mildly surprising.

This year's "Miss America" is happening on September 9th.

"Miss America"began nearly 100 years ago in Atlantic City as a bathing beauty contest designed to attract tourists.  Gretchen is a former winner.  She won in 1988 as Miss Minnesota.  

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