Roseanne Barr Rambling and Sobbing

Last week, ROSEANNE BARR had TOO MUCH to say, but as of last night, she hadn't Tweeted anything since Thursday.  

(Here's her feed.)

She also canceled her Friday appearance on JOE ROGAN's podcast.

On Friday, Joe Tweeted, quote, "[It's] not happening . . . 

The day before, she called into a different podcast hosted by celebrity rabbi Shmuley Boteach.  According to reports, Roseanne was "rambling," and was, quote, "sobbing . . . and very apologetic."

Rabbi Shmuley decided not to release the audio, out of respect for Roseanne.  He Tweeted, quote, "I want to give her space to reflect on the recent events."

Meanwhile, there have been more reports about a possible "Roseanne" spin-off.  The latest is that they're kicking the tires on a show focusing on SARA GILBERT's character, Darlene.

Nothing official is in the works . . . and despite all the speculation, it's unclear how they could do a "Roseanne"-style show without Roseanne's blessing . . . or at least without her being PAID.  And clearly, that wouldn't work.

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