Clay Matthews Got His Nose Broken by a Softball

Green Bay Packers linebacker CLAY MATTHEWS was hurt in a SOFTBALL game on Saturday.

It was a team charity game here in Wisconsin, and Clay was pitching when lineman Lucas Patrick smacked a line-drive that nailed him IN THE FACE.

He fell down . . . popped back up . . . and walked off the field, while covering his face with his glove. 

He went to the hospital, but it sounds like he'll be okay.  He Tweeted, quote, "I busted my nose pretty good, and will have surgery once the swelling subsides.  [I'm] thankful as it could've been much more serious." 

The game continued after Clay left . . . although they added a batting practice screen when Davante Adams pitched next.

Davante said, quote, "[He's a] tough guy . . . I would've still been on the ground right now.  We're just going to pray for him, and hope that he feels better soon.” 

(Here's video, and here's a full news report.)

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