Only Half of America Agrees With ABC's Decision to Cancel "Roseanne"

America is divided 50/50 on just about EVERYTHING.  You can even convince 50% of us that someone saying "Laurel" is saying "Yanny."  (???)

So it isn't too surprising that while 51% of America AGREES with ABC's decision to cancel "Roseanne", another 31% say they made the wrong decision.  And about 18% apparently don't give a rat's ass.

59% say ROSEANNE BARR's Tweet was racist, and 20% believe that it wasn't.

And as you might expect, the results resemble America's POLITICAL divide.  Roseanne gets more of a pass from Republican voters, probably because she an outspoken backer of President Trump, both on her show and in real life.

91% of people who voted for Hillary Clinton said Roseanne's Tweet was racist, while just 2% said that it was not. 

31% of Trump voters think it's racist, 45% say it's NOT, and 24% are still undecided.

For what it's worth, 87% of African American respondents said they felt that it was racist.  Only 56% of Caucasians did, and 49% of Hispanics.

The breakdown was similar when people were asked what should've happened to her show.  85% of Hillary voters think ABC made the RIGHT decision, while only 21% of Trump voters think they did.

(The poll was conducted by YouGov.  You can browse all the results, here.)

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