Is "Roseanne" Already Coming Back to TV?

"Roseanne" was a top show back in the early '90s . . . and the revival was the most-watched show of this year . . . so maybe it's not THAT crazy that some diehard fans aren't willing to let it go.

For starters, some people on social media have been talking about bringing "Roseanne" back . . . WITHOUT ROSEANNE BARR.

"Variety" says there actually HAVE been some preliminary talks about doing something with the rest of the cast . . . but there are some big hurdles, because Roseanne has a significant stake in the show.  A new version would still benefit her financially . . . and that would be a non-starter for everyone involved.

So, it's a REAL long shot at this point.  The talks have only been amongst the producers, not ABC. 

That said, ABC would benefit from getting SOMETHING out of this, because the main actors and the top writers and producers have partially-guaranteed contracts, and are still expected to be paid.

But the window to make it happen is already closing . . . as everyone looks for replacement jobs.

Also, others have talked about Roseanne moving to a "conservative" network or streaming service . . . but even if the ball got rolling on that, there's no way the rest of the cast would join her.  Let's face it, "Roseanne" the show is dead.

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