Everything You Need To Know About the "Roseanne" Cancelation

"Roseanne" was TV's most-watched show this year . . . but yesterday, ABC canceled it after ROSEANNE BARR posted a racist Tweet about former Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett, who's African American.

Apparently, she thought it was funny, but even she realized that she crossed a line . . . AFTER she found out she was in trouble.

A few hours later, she Tweeted, quote, "I'm now leaving Twitter . . . I apologize to Valerie Jarrett and to all Americans.  I'm truly sorry for making a bad joke about her politics and her looks.  I should've known better.  Forgive me, my joke was in bad taste."

Valerie seems like a random target . . . but Roseanne Tweets about conspiracy theories a lot, and in this case she was responding to a Tweet alleging that Valerie helped "hide" various Obama-era secrets.

ABC wasted no time in firing her.  Three hours after her apology, the network said, quote, "Roseanne's Twitter statement is abhorrent, repugnant, and inconsistent with our values, and we've decided to cancel her show."

ABC is owned by Disney, and they weren't having it.  Disney CEO Bob Iger Tweeted, quote, "There was only one thing to do here, and that was the right thing."  He also said, quote, "You can't debate what is morally right." 

Yesterday, Valerie responded, quote, "We have to turn it into a teaching moment.  I'm fine.  I'm worried about all the people out there who don't have a circle of friends and followers coming to their defense."  

(Here's video.)

Roseanne didn't just lose her show.  She was also dropped by her agency, ICM Partners, which called the Tweet "disgraceful and unacceptable."  And ABC has scrapped its Emmy promotion on behalf of the show.

Meanwhile, "Roseanne" is disappearing everywhere, Hulu dropped it . . . and the Paramount Network, TV Land, and CMT have pulled their scheduled re-runs.

ROSEANNE BARR didn't only get herself fired . . . everyone connected with her show is out of work.  Although, several of them were going to quit themselves.

WANDA SYKES was working as a writer, consultant and producer on the show.  But as soon as she saw the Tweet, she said she would not be returning . . . which obviously became a moot point.

SARA GILBERT (Darlene) also denounced Roseanne before the show was canceled.  Clearly, she saw the writing on the wall.

JOHN GOODMAN hasn't commented, but he was spotted walking his dog in New Orleans, and looking . . . well . . . not terribly jovial.

EMMA KENNEY (Darlene's daughter Harris) called her manager to quit the show, and that's when she was told that ABC was already shutting it down.  

MICHAEL FISHMAN (D.J.) called Roseanne's comments "reprehensible and intolerable."  He added, quote, "In this moment it is important to be clear.  We must stand-up against bias, hatred, bigotry, and ignorance to make society a better place for all."

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