Radio Host Gives Graduate a Car

There's a kid in Birmingham, Alabama named Corey Patrick who had to get up at 4:30 every morning this year just to get to school on time.

His family doesn't own a car.  So he had to walk to get a bus every day and deal with a pretty long commute.  But he didn't let it stop him, and GRADUATED this month.

The reason we're hearing about him has to do with his graduation ceremony.  Just like every day, he had to walk and take the bus to get there.  And some random person posted a couple photos of him walking down the side of the road in his cap and gown.

The photos went viral in the Birmingham area last week, and someone figured out who he was.  Then THIS happened . . .

A radio host named Rickey Smiley decided to reward Corey for all his hard work . . . by giving him a $25,000 SUV.  

(We're not sure, but it looks like a new Jeep Compass.)

Obviously he doesn't have his license yet, but he will soon.  And people in his community are also pitching in to throw him a big graduation party next month. 

(WBRC / Twitter)

(Here are the photos that went viral and one of the SUV.)

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