He Didn't Know What The Owner Did For Him 10 Years Ago

This happened almost a decade ago, but the guy didn't know about it until he found this letter . . .

21-year-old Jacques Ruffin is from the Orlando area.  He started playing the trumpet in middle school.  And his mom couldn't afford to buy him one, so she rented one from a music store called the Allegro Music Centre.

Recently, he was going through a closet in her home when he found a letter from the owner of the store, a guy named James Jones.

It turns out his mom had gotten behind on payments at one point, and couldn't catch up.  So James sent her a letter that said he was GIVING Jacques the $800 trumpet, because he didn't want him to have to give it up.

He just asked her to return it if Jacques ever lost interest, so another kid could get a chance to learn.  But that never happened, because he never quit.  He's still playing the same trumpet James gave him.

And here's how one good deed leads to another.  The letter inspired Jacques to start a GoFundMe page to buy instruments for OTHER underprivileged kids.  If you want to donate, just search for "Instruments for Students in Need" on GoFundMe.com. 


(Here's the letter.)

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