What Your Sense of Taste Says About Your Personality

Researchers at the Smell and Taste Foundation in Chicago have been doing an ongoing study on how our sense of taste is linked to how we behave.  

Here are five taste profiles, and what they supposedly say about your personality . . .

1.  If you like spicy food, you're more likely to be a risk-taker.  Spicy food fans tend to like new experiences, including things like rollercoasters and horror movies.

2.  If you like sweet stuff, you're more likely to be easy going.  And you try to help other people without expecting to be rewarded for it.

3.  If you love sour foods, you're more likely to be critical and even harsh when you tell people what you think.  You also might have really high standards.

4.  If you like bitter things like black coffee, you're more likely to be anti-social, manipulative, and insensitive.  You might even be a PSYCHOPATH.

5.  If you love salty stuff, you're more likely to be competitive, and get frustrated a little faster than other people.

(Daily Mail)

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