Guy Tracks Down His Birth Mother

We're only hearing about this now because a site called the "War Bride Project" did a story, and the "Washington Post" picked it up.  Bruce Hollywood is a 57-year-old retired Air Force colonel who was adopted by an American couple in Japan.

And he always knew he was adopted, because his parents were both white, and he's half-ASIAN.  So they couldn't have kept it a secret even if they wanted to.

His adoptive mom even gave him his real mother's name at one point.  But he never wanted to meet her until he had a HEART ATTACK back in 2005 and almost died.

After that, he decided to track her down to make sure she knew he had a good life.  He didn't want her to feel guilty about giving him up.  And when he found her, they had a pretty amazing first phone call.

Her name was Nobue, and she was still living in Japan.  And he found out she owned a restaurant called "BRUCE."  And it was named after HIM.

It turned out his adoptive mom had given her a photo of him as a baby over 40 years earlier, and told her his name.  So that's how she knew what it was.

He flew to Japan 10 days later to see her in person, then went back regularly to visit until she passed away in 2009.  So they only had a few years together.  But they really made the most of it. 

(Washington Post)

(Here's a photo.)

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