Rahny's 5 Awesome Things You Might've Missed This Week 4/30-5/6

1. I don't know if you've heard, but one of my silly dreams is for 'NSync to reunite!  Which they did... at the begging of the week when they reunited to get a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  Then they surprised everybody the next day on Ellen, and played a hilarious game of "Never Have I Ever".

2. Summerfest also did something that had us talking at the begging of the week... they announced their 1st ever $20 "All In" concert ticket promotion, which ended up selling out in less than an hour.  I thought it was such a great idea, that I asked Bob Babisch to join us later in the week to find out what prompted the idea, and if they'd do it again.

3. Later in the week we announced that Pink's "Beautiful Drama" 2019 World Tour is coming to the new Bucks arena in May next year!  (Listen to win your tickets at 7:35am May 7-11)  They not only gave us some sweet tickets to give you, but they also dropped off some sweets for us to celebrate!  (You'll notice somebody couldn't wait to delve in as usual)

4. Speaking of awesome treats... Friday our Guest Co-Host Courtney from Brookfield brought in quite a spread!

5. Also awesome on Friday, Jim Kacmarcik joined us to announce and share the story of 12 year old Nick Heisel, who's our 97.3 NOW Kapco Difference Maker for April!  Last year Nick created an event called StepUp4Kidswhich was a free throw contest with all the proceeds going to the MACC Fund.  What an amazing family, and what an awesome week!  

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