Interesting Settlement For the Guys Who Got Kicked Out of Starbucks

You might not know their names, but Rashon Nelson and Donte Robinson are the two black guys who got kicked out of a Starbucks in Philadelphia last month for no good reason.

They were there for a business meeting about a real estate thing, and the guy they were meeting with hadn't arrived yet.  When they didn't immediately buy coffee, the manager called the COPS on them.

Anyway, they had a chance to sue the city for a bunch of money.  But rather than doing that, they settled for ONE DOLLAR each yesterday.  And instead, they got the city to launch a new $200,000 initiative to help YOUNG people start their own businesses.

It'll specifically help high school students in the Philadelphia area who are interested in being entrepreneurs.

Donte says they thought a lot about what to do, and felt like this was the best way to make an impact and actually change things for the better.

That said, he and Rashon probably aren't walking away empty handed.  They also just settled with Starbucks for an undisclosed sum.  And that settlement also includes scholarship funds, so they can both finish their undergraduate degrees. 


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