Her Prom Date Surprise Has Gotten Over 12 Million Views

If you haven't seen it yet, there's a video going around of a girl surprising her prom date by WALKING for the first time in 10 months.

It hit Twitter on Saturday and has over 12 million views.  Now we've got some context to go with it . . .

The girl's name is Morgan.  She lives in Utah, and she's been suffering from something called conversion disorder following a surgery last summer.

Conversion disorder is a neurological condition that can cause paralysis, blindness, and issues with your central nervous system.  Doctors still aren't sure what causes it.

Morgan's prom date was a kid named Tarik.  In the video, it takes him a second to see that she's walking on her own.  Then he almost falls backward off her front porch when he realizes what's happening.  And he immediately runs in and gives her a big hug.

That wasn't the only highlight of the night for Morgan though.  There's another video from the actual prom where someone announces her as PROM QUEEN. 

(NY Post)

(Here's the walking video and the prom queen video.)

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