Now You Can Buy Pink Starburst Clothes

Pink Starburst are pretty well known as the most popular Starburst . . . but are they trying to outkick their coverage right here?

A brand new pink Starburst CLOTHING LINE just launched yesterday.  And this isn't just the Starburst logo slapped on some crappy t-shirts . . . they teamed up with Erin Robertson, who won season 15 of "Project Runway", to design the stuff.

The collection includes things like a $45 sweatshirt that says, "I am a pink Starburst" . . . a $140 pink denim jacket with a graphic of a mouth eating a pink Starburst . . . and a $650 neon sign that says, "You are a pink Starburst."

If you're interested, you can buy the clothes at  And don't worry, nothing is sold out. 


(Here are pictures of some of the items.)

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