Funny "Modern Family" Thong Story

It's never the wrong time to share a heartwarming story about one ridiculously hot woman encouraging another ridiculously hot woman to wear lingerie.  And thus, this is my gift to you:

JULIE BOWENused to enjoy showing off her giant granny panties on the "Modern Family" set, just to torment SOFIA VERGARA.  And Sofia would tell her, quote, "Please, dress like a woman.  Why do you dress like a boy?  Disgusting."

Well, Sofia has an underwear line called Eby, and she started sneaking THONGS into Julie's dressing room. 

Julie says, quote, "I thought the wardrobe department was leaving them for me, because they always leave you a thong, because that's what you’re supposed to be wearing under the skirt.  And then one day I realize it's Sofia's underwear line."

Sofia told her she needed someone with a "really tiny butt" to try the small size and tell her how it fit.  And Sofia's trickery WORKED.  Julie says she wears them now, under her skirts . . . and they're great. 

(Here's video.  Of Julie telling the story, not of Julie in a thong.  Sorry.)

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