Starbucks Is Closing Their Stores on May 29th

Starbucks has been getting a TON of heat after a store in Philadelphia called the cops last week on two black guys who were waiting for a friend.

And sure, the CEO apologized and the manager from the store was let go, but now they're taking another MAJOR step:  They're actually going to give up SERIOUS money.

Starbucks just announced that on Tuesday, May 29th they're going to close ALL of their stores in the U.S. for the afternoon to hold racial bias training for approximately 175,000 employees.

So . . . what's that going to cost them?

Based on some back-of-a-napkin math, each Starbucks pulls in roughly $1,000 in revenue in an afternoon.  So across their 8,200 stores in the U.S., that'll be over $8 million in sales they're giving up to hold the training. 

(NBC 4 - New York / Reddit)

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