Starbucks Has Apologized After They Had Two Black Guys Arrested

Two black men were at a Starbucks in Philadelphia on Thursday, and they were waiting for a friend to meet them before they all ordered.  That's pretty common at Starbucks . . . I've seen plenty of people doing that, and I've done it myself.

But this time, the employees called 911 and said the guys were trespassing.  So the cops came, and they wound up CUFFING and arresting the guys. 

A woman in the Starbucks took a video, and you can hear people saying things like, "They didn't do anything" and "What did they do?"  The video went viral almost immediately and has racked up several million views.

The CEO of Starbucks apologized on Saturday and he said he'd like to meet with the men and apologize face-to-face.  And Starbucks is obviously not going to press charges.

The mayor of Philadelphia also called out Starbucks and called for, quote, "implicit bias training for its employees." 

(CNN / Philadelphia Inquirer

(Here's the video of their arrest that's going viral.)

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