Destiny's Child Reunited at Coachella

These days, BEYONCÉ can make headlines by doing just about anything, but her set at Coachella on Saturday night really WAS noteworthy . . . because it included a DESTINY'S CHILD reunion!

KELLY ROWLAND and MICHELLE WILLIAMS joined her onstage for three songs:  "Lose My Breath", "Say My Name", and "Soldier".  

Not surprisingly, the show was heavy on female empowerment . . . like when Beyoncé said, quote, "Coachella, thank you for allowing me to be the first black woman to headline.  Ain't that 'bout a [B-word]?"

JAY-Z also hit the stage for a duet on "Déjà vu".  (Here's a clip.  And here's Rihanna rocking out in the front row.)

Meanwhile, CARDI B may have upstaged Beyoncé, by performing PREGNANT yesterday.  And she brought along all her stripper moves.  Remember, Beyoncé backed out of Coachella last year when she found out she was knocked up. 

(Click Here to see video of Cardi doing her thing.)

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