A Restaurant Is Selling a Burger with a Whole Tarantula

A burger joint in Durham, North Carolina is offering a cheeseburger with a whole, oven-roasted TARANTULA on top.  You might have seen pictures of it while scrolling through Facebook over the weekend. 

If you didn't, it's not a cut-up tarantula that's mixed into the burger patty or anything.  They just plop the entire spider down on top of the burger patty.  And it also comes with lettuce, gruyere cheese, and spicy chili sauce . . . all for $30.

They're only selling a limited number of them, and you have to sign up for a raffle just for a chance to try one.  Then if you eat the whole thing, you get a free "Tarantula Challenge" t-shirt.  

(Here's a photo of the burger and the shirt.)

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