What Workers Dug Through 12 Feet of Trash to Save

A woman in Sebastian, Florida named Cherie Thompson couldn't find her cat recently.  He's a black cat named Galt.  Then she suddenly realized where he was.  And it wasn't good.

Earlier that day, her neighbors had helped take an old couch to the dump.  And the cat liked to HIDE in there.  Apparently there was a rip in the back where he could get in.

She immediately went to the dump to look for him.  But the couch was in a huge dumpster, buried in about 12 FEET of trash.  So she had to wait overnight.

When she went back the next day, a bunch of workers helped her look.  But there was no way to dig down deep enough.

So she had to wait ANOTHER night before they could take the dumpster to a landfill and sort through it.  Meaning the couch and cat had been buried for about 48 hours at that point.

Once they got it to the landfill, a crew of workers carefully took everything out until they found the couch.  Then they cut the back open and found Galt.  Luckily he was FINE.

She says the workers couldn't have been more professional.  And obviously she's grateful for everything they did for her. 

(Sebastian Daily)

(Here are photos of Galt.)

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