Today is National Siblings Day

Today is National Siblings Day.  So call your brother or sister and say "What's up?"  Or . . . maybe . . . go punch them in the face?

According to a new survey, 8% of people have had a fight with their siblings that either drew BLOOD or left marks.

Here are some more results from the survey, all of which are more peaceful than that one . . .

1.  89% of Americans have a sibling . . . and one out of five say they're TOTALLY different than their siblings.

2.  10% are best friends with their brother or sister, and 5% still share the same friend group.

3.  36% of people say it's best to be the oldest sibling . . . 31% say the youngest . . . 18% say the middle . . . and 15% say it's ideal to be an only child.  That last one includes about one out of eight people with siblings, who wish they DIDN'T have 'em.

4.  And the majority of only children say they wish they had a brother or sister. 

(National Today)

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