A Topless Woman Ambushed Bill Cosby

BILL COSBY was on his way into the courthouse for his sexual assault retrial yesterday, when he was ambushed by a topless woman.  But this woman was fully conscious . . . not really his type.

And she had the names of his victims written on her skin, along with the phrases "Women's lives matter" and "Cosby rapist".

And here's the real kicker:  She used to be on "The Cosby Show"!  Her name is Nicolle Rochelle, and she did four episodes back in the early '90s, when she was a kid.

Cosby just kind of laughed the whole thing off, while the cops took Nicolle down rather aggressively. 

(Check out pics and video here.  Here's another video.  And here's a brief interview with Nicolle.)

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