Well This Is One of the Coolest Bosses Ever!

Someone in New Jersey hit the Mega Millions jackpot last Friday for $521 MILLION.  Last we checked, they still hadn't come forward.  But we do know where the ticket was sold.

A guy named Ameer Krass owns the gas station in Riverdale, New Jersey where the winning ticket was bought.  And he's getting a $30,000 check from the lottery for selling it.

But instead of keeping all that money for himself, he splitting it with his EMPLOYEES.

All 10 of his employees will get a chunk of it.  It's not clear how much, but he's also giving a portion to charity.

He actually promised them he'd do it BEFORE he knew how much he was getting.  He says he didn't realize it would be such a big check.  $30,000 was more than he was expecting.

But he's following through on his promise anyway. 

(ABC7 / UPI / NorthJersey.com / Mega Millions)

(Here's a photo of Ameer with some of his employees.)

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