How Do You Feel About Facial Hair?

Apparently some guys with big bushy beards don't even LIKE it.  They're just too lazy to shave every day . . .

A new survey asked people if they think guys look more attractive with or without facial hair.  The clear winner was CLEAN-SHAVEN . . . and even a lot of guys who currently HAVE beards agreed.

41% of women said guys look best with no facial hair.  14% said a beard-mustache combo is the best look . . . 8% said just a mustache . . . and 4% said just a beard.  33% said they weren't sure.  

Here's the fun part:  25% of men who've had facial hair or CURRENTLY have a beard or mustache AGREED that clean-shaven is the most-attractive look.

So at least some guys with a beard or mustache think it makes them uglier . . . and they're still rocking it anyway.

A lot of guys with facial hair did say it makes them look more MASCULINE though.  So maybe that's more important than overall attractiveness to some men.

The survey also found clean-shaven guys are slightly more likely to be seen as intelligent and trustworthy. 


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