What Would You Give Up for a 10% Raise?

What would you do for a raise?

A new survey asked Americans what they'd be willing to give up in exchange for a 10% pay raise.  Keep in mind that the average American salary is $52,000, so people would do this stuff for a $5,200 raise, or roughly $140 more per paycheck after taxes . . .

1.  56% would work an extra 10 hours per week for LIFE, and 50% would work six-day weeks for the next year.

2.  40% would give up all dental care, and 19% would go with no health insurance.

3.  35% would give up their right to VOTE for life.  And 9% would give away their child's right to vote for life.

4.  12% would break up with their significant other.

5.  And 5% would eat a Tide Pod. 

(New York Post)

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