The Scene That Always Makes LeBron James Cry

There's a scene in "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" that always makes LEBRON JAMES cry.  It's the scene where WILL SMITH breaks down because his father abandoned him when he was a kid.

LeBron Tweeted that scene yesterday, and said, quote, "I shed a tear or two every single time this episode comes on!  Can't help it.  I've had that same feeling my whole life.  #MommaThankYou."

LeBron has never had a relationship with his father, who impregnated his mother when she was 16, and then didn't bother to stick around.

Four years ago, LeBron posted a message on social media THANKING his father for not being around, because he's proud of the person he has become without him.

LeBron has always been very close with his mother, and now has three children with his wife Savanah, who he's been with since high school.

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