Potsie Has Invented a Cure for Drowsy Driving

Maybe Potsie isn't such a Potsie after all.  (???)  ANSON WILLIAMS from "Happy Days" was on the "Today"show with MEGYN KELLY yesterday, where he revealed that he has invented a product that could very well SAVE LIVES.

It's called Alert Drops, and it's supposed to wake you up if you're falling asleep at the wheel.

Anson told Megyn that he actually almost DIED from drowsy driving once, so a doctor in his family gave him a tip if he's ever sleepy behind the wheel again:  Bite into a LEMON.

He said the sour taste and citric acid would stimulate a nerve in the tongue that gives you a natural shot of adrenaline and wakes you up instantly.  Anson tried it and it WORKED.  So he made Alert Drops out of citric acid and sour lemon water.

Oh, and the doctor who gave him that tip just happened to be Dr. Henry Heimlich . . . inventor of the Heimlich maneuver.  He was Anson's second cousin . . . although Anson always called him his "uncle".

(You can watch the interview here.  It actually starts out as an interview with Marion Ross, who played Mrs. C on "Happy Days".  Then Anson comes on with Donny Most, a.k.a. Ralph Malph.  The Alert Drops stuff starts at 11:20.)

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