10 Celebrities with Weird Middle Names

Celebrities don't just give their kids weird names . . . some have strange names themselves.  And in some cases, it's a MIDDLE name, so you might not be aware of it unless you're a diehard fan.  

Here are 10 good ones:

1.  Ben Affleck's middle name is Géza.

2.  Adele has two middle names:  Laurie Blue.

3.  Kristen Stewart's middle name is Jaymes, with a Y.

4.  Beyoncé's middle name is Giselle.

5.  Jennifer Lawrence's middle name is Shrader.

6.  Kate Hudson's middle name is Garry.

7.  Emma Watson has two middle names:  Charlotte Duerre.

8.  James Corden's middle name is Kimberley.  He says the name is a family tradition . . . but he was teased over it as a kid.

9.  Miley Cyrus' middle name is Ray, just like her Dad.  But this one is sort of a cheat.  She changed her name.  Her birth name is Destiny Hope Cyrus.

10.  And this is a sort of well-known one, but Richard Gere's middle name is Tiffany.  It's his mother's maiden name.

(You can find more, here.  And there are additional lists, here and here.)

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