Fake April Fools Products That Are Good Enough to Be Real

Pretty much every brand now rolls out some kind of fake product or announcement for April Fools' Day.  And most of them are terrible.

But two companies actually came up with ideas that are good enough to be real this year.  

Check 'em out . . .

1.  Burger King announced a "Chocolate Whopper" with chocolate cake buns . . . a chocolate patty . . . raspberry syrup ketchup . . . white chocolate onions . . . milk chocolate lettuce . . . vanilla frosting mayo . . . and candied blood orange tomatoes.

2.  Cup Noodles teamed up with a company called Zenni Optical to make "steam proof" glasses for ramen eating.  The glasses have a tiny built-in fan that blows away steam, plus they have a detachable fork on the side.

As far as we know, neither company has any plans to turn their "pranks" into real items that they sell . . . but in both cases, they REALLY should, because they're just leaving money on the table. 

(Fortune / Foodbeast

(Here are pictures.)

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