A Kid Born with a Cleft Palate has Gone Viral Again!

This is a pretty cool story if you haven't heard about it yet . . .

There's a seven-year-old kid in Oklahoma named Madden Humphreys who was born with a cleft palate, and had surgery to repair it.  And he was also born with two different-colored eyes.  One's blue, and the other one's hazel.

A video he made last summer about being bullied got a few hundred thousand hits on Facebook.  

And now he's back in the news because of a new FRIEND he's got.

His mom was recently on a Facebook support group page for parents of kids with cleft palates.  And someone showed her a photo of a CAT that looked just like Madden.

Its left eye is blue, just like his . . . its right eye is hazel . . . and it also has a cleft lip.

It turned out it was at a shelter in Minnesota.  So a bunch of friends and random strangers chipped in to pay for a road trip.  Then they drove up north and ADOPTED it.

Now a bunch of photos of them are making the rounds online, and Madden's mom says they're inseparable. 

(LoveWhatMatters.com / Fox News)

(Here's a photo.)

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