Corey Feldman Claims He Was Stabbed at a Stoplight

COREY FELDMAN claims he was stabbed Tuesday night, and he thinks it might be a revenge attack for going public about pedophiles in Hollywood.

Corey says he was driving his car with a security guy in the passenger seat, when they realized they were being followed.  When they came to a red light, a short, bald "Mexican fellow" got out and started harassing the security guy.

Then he got back into the car, and drove around to the driver's side of Corey's car.  A man got out, yanked open Corey's door, and stabbed him with SOMETHING.

Corey isn't sure what the weapon was because, according to him, the wound was a very small "punctuation".  Yes, that's the word he used.  So he thinks it was either a syringe, or the guy just got him with the tip of a knife.

Corey was able to shut the door and speed away.  He went to a hospital, where he posted some pictures of himself and blamed the attack on a "vile wolfpack" that's been harassing him on social media because he spoke out.

Corey's rep said he was being tested for HIV and other diseases, just in case it WAS a syringe. 

He also said Corey DID have a puncture wound, even though there was at least one report from the LAPD saying there was no evidence of injury.  

(Here's Corey explaining everything to TMZ.)

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