Here's How "Roseanne" Explained Dan Still Being Alive

If you didn't feel like checking out the season premiere of "Roseanne" last night, but you're curious how they brought Dan back from the dead, here's your hookup . . .

First of all, you've probably already seen the promos where Roseanne and Dan are in bed, and Roseanne wakes him up.  She tells him, "I thought you were dead."  And Dan replies, quote, "Why does everybody always think I'm dead?"

That's how the show started, but later on, they offered an actual explanation.

Dan and Roseanne are in the garage, and Dan finds the manuscript for Roseanne's book.  He tells her, quote, "This would have sold like hotcakes, if only you hadn't killed off the most interesting character.  He was a gentle giant."

In the final season of the original run, Dan cheated on Roseanne.  But then in the finale, we found out that was all just a part of a book she wrote about the family, and in reality, Dan HADN'T cheated . . . because he had actually DIED.

But NOW Dan's death was just part of the book . . . a book that never sold, apparently.  And as far as we know, he never cheated.  We clear?  

(The Wrap)

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