Guy Gets Saved By a Random Stranger

Santa Clarita, California got a lot of rain last week and had some flash flooding.  And a guy named Margarito Martinez got caught in it.  

He saw some water on the road but didn't realize how deep it was.  His SUV got pushed off the road.  Then it rolled several times while he was still inside, and ended up on its roof.

He was upside down in about two or three feet of water and couldn't get out.  But luckily a random guy was nearby and saw it happen.

The guy wants to remain anonymous, so we don't know his name.  But there's a video of him climbing on top of the SUV . . . using a rock to smash one of the windows . . . and pulling Margarito out.

The guy's niece was there too, and talked about how scary it was.  The water was moving really fast.  So if he'd fallen in, HE could have been swept away.

Luckily they both made it out.  And Margarito's boss felt so bad for him, he already bought him another SUV. 

(CBS LA / NBC Los Angeles)

(Here's the video.)

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