The Reason Ed Sheeran's Neighbors Are Upset With Him

ED SHEERAN wants to build a private chapel on his estate in Britain, so he can get married to his fiancée Cherry Seaborn there.

But there's a problem . . . Ed's property has a large population of 'great crested newts', and those newts are a protected species in the U.K.

Ed has asked the local county for permission to build the chapel . . . and they're voting on it next month.  But his neighbors are concerned.

One says, quote, "Any damage to such habitats or the killing of such protected creatures can also lead to criminal or civil prosecutions" . . . and another calls it a, quote, "total disregard to the local ecology."

And yet another says, quote, "It'd appear that [Ed] . . . in his desire to satisfy the needs of the spiritual world . . . continues to overlook his obligations to the living world, particularly that of protected species."

Ed hasn't commented. 

The chapel WOULD be fairly large, with a 48-foot tower.  The site is located about 600 feet from a pond that the newts live in.  

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