A Sad Turned Sweet "Stranger Things" Story

Social media can be a bad influence on kids.  But occasionally, something GOOD can come of it.

On Sunday, a girl Tweeted photos from her younger brother Aaron's "Stranger Things"-themed birthday party, and said that he invited eight of his friends . . . but, quote, "none of their punk-selves showed up."

It was pretty elaborate . . . there was a "Stranger Things" cake, a 'Happy Birthday' message with Christmas lights hung on the wall, 'Demogorgon blood' punch, and a TON of food.  It almost looks like they had it catered.  But no one showed.

MILLIE BOBBY BROWN caught wind of it, and Tweeted, quote, "What!!!!  Oh well, you can let them all know that everyone on 'Stranger Things' would've come!  I think you're awesome, and next year I would like an invite . . . Please?"

And later GATEN MATARAZZO added, quote, "Count me in too!  I'll bring the chocolate pudding." 


(He plays Dustin, and Millie is 'Eleven,' of course.)

Something tells me Millie and Gaten's comments made up for the poor attendance . . . and the sister says Aaron is okay, but if any of them invite him to THEIR party, he said he won't go as payback.

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