A Couple Met on Jury Duty and Got Married

Ever had jury duty?

Well this might make you rethink having to go if you do and you're single!

A 31-year-old guy in New Orleans named Kris Gerig got put on a jury back in 2015.  And one of the other jurors was a 28-year-old woman named Sarah Abbot.

He was the foreman, and she was an alternate.  So she had to just sit there and listen to the whole thing, but didn't get to vote in the end.

She's still HAPPY she ended up on the jury though.  Because she and Kris started talking during the breaks.  Then after the trial was over, they started DATING.

And last Wednesday, they got MARRIED in the same courtroom where the trial happened.

They even got the same judge to officiate. 


(Here's a photo.)

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