Is Kendall Jenner Gay?

Being from a family that overshares as much as hers does, you rarely see KENDALL JENNER parading her boyfriends around.  This has led to suggestions that she might be playing for the other team.  Well, she's not.

She tells the new issue of "Vogue", quote, "I'm not gay.  I have literally nothing to hide . . . I would never hide something like that."

Besides being low-key in her relationships, Kendall thinks there's another reason people assume she's gay . . . quote, "I have kind of a . . . male energy?  But I don't want to say that wrong, because I'm not transgender or anything.  But I have a tough energy."

She adds, quote, "I don't think I have a bisexual or gay bone in my body, but I don't know!  Who knows?!  I'm all down for experience . . . not against it whatsoever . . . but I've never been there before."

Kendall has supposedly been in a relationship with NBA star BLAKE GRIFFIN, and she tells "Vogue", quote, "I have someone being very nice to me."

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