Another Snafu With the Beyoncé / Jay-Z Tour

When the presale started for BEYONCÉ and JAY-Z's On the Run 2 Tour yesterday, the fans were ready.  And they STILL got hosed.

Twitter lit up with complaints.  Some people said they lost out when Ticketmaster crashed.  Others just missed out, no matter how quickly they got in . . . but then noticed tickets were showing up on resale sites . . . including Ticketmaster itself.

One person Tweeted to them, quote, "Can you explain to me how there can be resale tickets available ON YOUR SITE within minutes of a presale?!?!?!?!  You're allowing scammers to hike up ticket prices for true fans.  Not cool!!"

Another said, quote, "How can all the Beyoncé tickets be scooped up by 9:01?  I thought we were trying to combat bots."

(Check out a few more here.)

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