O.J. Simpson Confessed

Did you watch Fox's O.J. SIMPSON special last night?  If you've been following the O.J. saga all these years, then you didn't learn anything.

The allegedly "hypothetical" account of how he murdered NICOLE BROWN and RON GOLDMAN was already in that book "If I Did It" . . . although maybe it was a little chilling to hear it in his own words.

Well, there's a potential twist here, and it's something you DIDN'T see on last night's show.  Publisher Judith Reagan is the one who conducted that interview with O.J. back in 2006.

And in a new interview for the special, she claims that when O.J.'s lawyer first contacted her to do the book, he said O.J. was READY TO CONFESS.  But only on one condition . . .

He wouldn't actually SAY he did it.  The book had to have "IF" in the title, so he could have, quote, "deniability with his children."  In other words, he wanted to confess while still being able to tell his kids he DIDN'T do it.  

For some reason, that part didn't appear in last night's special, but TMZ posted a clip.

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