Did Katy Perry Kill a Nun?

If you think KATY PERRY and her music are harmless, then check this out:  A nun who was involved in a legal battle with Katy just DIED . . . right in the middle of a court hearing.

The dispute started years ago, when the nuns sold the 8-acre property that used to be their convent to a businesswoman for $15.5 million.  The nuns themselves bought the property in the early '70s, so they felt they had a right to sell it.

But the Archdiocese of Los Angeles claimed ownership, and THEY wanted to sell it to Katy for $14.5 million . . . and, of course, pocket the money from the sale.

In addition to believing they were the rightful owners, the nuns also felt it would be a SIN to sell the property to Katy, because of her music and image.  So they went to court . . . and in 2016, they LOST. 

But there were still legal issues to iron out.  And during a court hearing this past Friday, an 89-year-old nun named Sister Catherine Ross Holzman collapsed and died, after experiencing chest pains.

Katy still hasn't bought the property, because the Vatican needs to approve the sale. 

(Holzman spoke to a local TV station just hours before her death.  Here's video.)

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