Jennifer Lawrence Hasn't Had This in a "Very Long Time"

JENNIFER LAWRENCE always seems to be having a great time.  But one thing she's NOT having is a lot of sex.  In fact, she says, quote, "I have not had sex in a very long time."

And that's because she doesn't have a boyfriend.  Believe it or not, she's really not into casual hookups.

She says, quote, "I always talk like I want [man-meat], but the truth is when I look back at my sexual past it was always with boyfriends.  I talk like I like it, but I don't really do it."

One reason she's so careful about her partners is because she's a germaphobe.  Quote, "I have made it this far without an STI.  [Man-meat] is dangerous.

"If I was at the point where I could get an STI, doctors have already been involved.  That is how much of a germaphobe I am." 

(Page Six)

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