"Grey's Anatomy" Is Cutting Two Actresses

Yesterday, "Grey's Anatomy" announced that two actresses wouldn't be returning next season:  Jessica Capshaw, who plays Arizona Robbins, and Sarah Drew, who plays April Kepner.

Jessica had been with the show since Season Five in 2008, and Sarah had been onboard since Season Six in 2009.  The showrunner says they aren't returning for "creative" reasons.

But when Deadline.com reported the news, they noted that this comes just six weeks after star Ellen Pompeo signed a new contract worth $20 MILLION a year.  Clearly, the implication was that they might have cut them to save money.

Well, Ellen didn't appreciate that. 

She Tweeted, quote, "It's unfortunate that Deadline.com chooses to try to pit women against each other on International Women's Day . . . I'm a big girl.  [They] can take shots at me if they want.  But to the fans, please don't fall into that trap.  This is above my pay grade."

Deadline later updated their story, claiming that they never meant to make a connection between Ellen's fat new raise, and the casting changes.

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