They're Having a "Divorce Auction"

RUSSELL CROWE and his wife Danielle Spencer are finally, officially getting divorced after a FIVE-YEAR separation.  But they're doing it with a sense of humor.

They're auctioning off a bunch of their belongings in an event they're calling "The Art of Divorce".  And they're doing it on April 7th, which would have been their 15th anniversary.  It's also Russell's 54th birthday.

They're selling off art, furniture, watches, vehicles, musical instruments . . . and some of Russell's movie memorabilia.

That includes a Roman chariot, armor, and weapons from "Gladiator", a naval uniform from "Master and Commander", and other items from "Les Miserables", "Cinderella Man", "L.A. Confidential", and "Romper Stomper".

One of the most expensive items will probably be a violin from "Master and Commander" that dates back to 1890.  In all, they're expected to make about $2.8 million from everything.

Russell says, quote, "On the practical side, this collection probably equates to three rooms full of things I'll no longer have to care for, document, clean, tune and insure."  

(Huffington Post)

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