Snortable Chocolate Has Arrived in Americaa

Do you have a sweet tooth?  I'm a big fan of chocolate, but this weirds me out!?

SNORTABLE CHOCOLATE has been around in Europe for a while, but it just made its way over here.  The product is called Coco Loko, and it's a processed cacao powder that you snort, just like cocaine.

You don't really taste the chocolate when you snort it, but the people who make it say that it gives you the health benefits of dark chocolate without any calories.

Is it safe?  The answer is . . . maybe.  It's not approved by the FDA, and it doesn't have to be because of a loophole . . . they can only approve food you eat, not snort.

And experts say there's a chance it could cause sinus problems . . . but odds are you'll be fine if you want to try it.

They aren't sure about the claims on the health benefits, but I'm guessing you wouldn't be doing it for those anyway . . . you'd be doing it for the gimmick.

A container with 10 servings is on sale right now on Amazon for $25. 

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