If You Want To Be Perfectly Happy, Do This!

Who knew the key to being happy was sleeping for a weirdly exact amount of time?

A new survey found that if you want to be, quote, "perfectly happy," you should sleep for exactly seven hours and six minutes.  Not seven hours and five minutes.  Not seven hours and seven minutes.  EXACTLY seven hours and six minutes.

If you want to be pretty happy, sleep for somewhere between six hours and 48 minutes to seven hours. 

And if you sleep for anything less than six hours and 48 minutes, expect to be miserable.

For some reason, the survey didn't look at what happens if you sleep MORE than seven hours and six minutes, so maybe there's perfect happiness somewhere in there too.  We don't know.

But the survey DID find the ideal sleeping conditions, at least:  Make sure it's mostly dark but not pitch black . . . it should be quiet but not totally silent . . . and you shouldn't do work or play video games right before bed. 

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